day in, day out

can someone please answer this if possible?
(preferably in my ask)

i’ve been wondering lately if there’s anything i should do about my extremely depressed and anxious thoughts and feelings that i’ve been experiencing for the past four months. i’m very private and suppress my feelings a lot but i know that this isn’t normal and it’s getting very bad. i feel that they are coming to a peak and i don’t know what to do, i know this because i’ve been having extremely dark thoughts. it’s hard for me to type, let alone say.

but i wanted to know- has anyone who follows me ever suffered from this? what did you do to help yourself? the thought terrifies me, but do you think that should i speak to someone professionally?


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Yohji Yamamotospring/summer 2015

Ben Stift & Janis Ancens Backstage at Raf Simons AW13 by Lea Colombo